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Arios is producing Knudsen-cell for 30 years or more. We can manufacture the product which is the optimal for you, because we have many experiments and knowledge about k-Cell. k-cell is produced with the most suitable materials and is shipped after performing enough baking and checking. Therefore you can use k-cell after arrival immediately.
Thease k-cell supports MBE system of the many companies.

Variation of k-cell
High, mid, low temperature type
Research or production type
Cracking cell
Gas-source cell
Ionized cell
Control Unit
Auto tuning PID control
Programmable Control option
Power supply  100V or 200V  50/60Hz (85~240V inquiry)
Unit size 142.5 (W) x 199 (H) x 430 (D). Rack Mount type (19inch or JIS rack) is available.
Ordering information
ACC-Capacity-Flange-Heater-Max.Temperature-Crucible material-Shutter
Capacity: 5, 10, 40, 25(S or T), 100 cc(cm3)
Flange : 70ICF, 114ICF, 152ICF
Heater : Top heating(T), Bottom heating(B) or Flat heating(N)
Max. Temperature : 600, 800, 1000, 1300 centidegree
Crucible material : Quartz(Q), Pyrolytic Boron Nitride(P:PBN), Al2O3(A:Alumina), tungsten(W) or other material.
Shutter : manual(Y-M), pneumatic(Y-P) or none(N).
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Large and midium size k-Cell Vacuum container with k-cell

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Crucible type and size

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