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Atmospheric Plasma
Plasma source
Microwave plasma
RHEED system
UHV Chamber

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Knudsen cell
Various type Knudsen cell fitting many MBE system
Various MBE system
Moleculer Beam Epitaxy system
Plasma source, ion beam source, Radical beam source
We develop these source by using of Plasma generated by 13.56 MHz RF or/and 2.45 GHz Microwave.
Microwave Atmospheric Plasma Source
For experiment and research
Microwave plasma equipment
For experiment and research
30kV RHEED Gun and Screen set
Vacuum anealing chamber
for many vacuum parts and assembly anealing
Micro rotaing feed through
High torque rate by using of magnet coupling. This is used for ICF 34 flange.
VP shutter
View Port Shutter for evaporation system.
Vacuum gage tube 
Various type Vcuum gage for many instruments.
Transfer rod
High road by using of magnet coupling. This is used for ICF70 or more.
Compact XY stage
Port aligners with angle adjuster.
Load lock door
For ICF frange
Ultra high vacuum chamber
This arrives ultra high vacuum pressure quickly

Each product is changed for improvement without notice.

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