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The ultimate principle of this unit is electron beam that is accelerated to the surface of the sample angling shallow (about 2degree) is irradiated and observed for the diffraction image of the high-energy reflection-electron beam.

As the result, it its possible to use for the analysis for the surface crystal structure or observations for the crystal growth of the surface crystal structures etc, and besides, this system can be use for the film thickness control.

Various dates can be analyzed by the combination with Processing Assistant System in Analysis.


  1. This R-HEED system is light and compact because of the miniaturization design.
  2. As for the electron beam axis match, high luminance is obtained with the mechanism of the bellows and user can operate easily.
  3. All switches and meters are consolidated in remote control BOX, and all the operations can be done at hand while seeing an analytical image.
  4. The power supply can rack-mount and set up the floor.


  1. Acceleration voltage ; 30kv Max

  2. Filament ; Tungsten Hairpin

  3. Bake out Temperature ; 200 degrees centigrade Max ( The cable and the connector are excluded. )

  4. Leak Test ; 1.3×10-11Pa·m3/s or less

  5. Flange ; 114 ICF and 70 ICF (Tap flange)

  6. Power ; AC85 - 230V 5A

Ordering Information

Description                                     Reference

* R-Heed Complete System RHEED        302P-COMPLETE

(Including 30kV Gun / 30kV Power Supply / 6·View Port / 6·VP Shutter / 101mm dia. Screen)

*30 kV R-Heed Gun                         RHEED302P-G

*30 kV Power Supply                        RHEED302P-PS

*6"Screen Shutter unit (Screen + Shutter) RHEED152-SSU

*6"Screen Flange unit (Screen + Flange) RHEED152-SFU

*101 mm dia. R-Heed Screen (For 6Flange) RFEED101SC

*6"Flange VP Shutter                         SF-152

*6"Screen Guide Flange                 SGA-152

*6"Flange View Port ( Kovar Glass) VP152A

*The specification is occasionally changed without a previous notice for the improvement.

20kV type RHEED is producted. Please ask us furher information.


Farther infomation, Please send E-mail :
Final up date: 2006/09/02